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"Sweet Hearts Balloon"




ジャケットはby ocarinanono



2017年にUSAで行われるBalloon Festival



Twists and turns from song completion to release, it took about 5 years, but it was finally released. It is a very nice and fun song.

Please do listen to it! The jacket is by ocarinanono


It is an acrylic painting.




"Let's ride a bicycle under the blue sky!"


 今年お正月早々に作ったとてもご機嫌に明るい曲ですので聞いてみてくださいね!ジャケットは写真、made by my 1st son in Okinawaです。


It's a cheerful song that I made earlier this year New Year's Eve so please try listening! The jacket is a picture, made by my 1st son in Okinawa.





"Let's Be Positive!"




It is unusual original piano music ~


  Please also take a look at the jacket original! A mysterious keyboard? It is!



← click Please listen it!




 I would like to appeal to the heaven great Mr. John Lennon!Instead of giving priority to short-term

interests, we hope for the daily permanent happiness of the whole creatures of the earth. We can do it!! 








September 2016 is a UK movie, January 2017 was a theme made on the theme of hope for tomorrow that I posted on US movies.






2012年にリリース予定だったシンセサイザーとオカリナのコラボグループ名”Heart Strings”の 幻のFirstCD"Aria on Heart Strings"このたび改めてリリースされました。click 試奏できます。(CDBABYのみ)



First CD of vision of synthesizer and Ocarina collaboration group name was released in 2012 "Heart Strings" "Aria on Heart Strings" it was this time again release. A rare tone of Ocarina of classic system By all means, please try to hear. In addition, you can hear in the songs free at Radio airplay.





Release on 25th December 2015

It is a song that I made for the movie in the summer of 2015. It expresses a journey from unconvincing days.



You can listen to the new album 


 Click on the jacket!






July 1, 2015 release

20 years living in Nasushiobara, 12 songs the image song of shops and galleries that had you get to know in the meantime, we can release gratitude to 3rdCD. Each with distinctive location, because the owner's melody nor various musical instruments. The highest is the background music because it is a healing tone to the whole! (^. ^) ♪ 


             曲名・・・                        参照にさせていただいたギャラリー・お店

1;The Lólmo Time        Cafe ロルモ

2;The Cafe in a grove       SYOZO CAFE 

3;The Wind of Ancient Capital      風楽

4;The Story of Cello       SORA CAFE

5;Color Pop Killala                       アトリエ染色ショップBrillante


 6;The Calm Hermitage                 里のご飯 草花宿

 7;Forest Chant              結婚式 セント・ミッシェル教会

 8;Quiet Hemitage of Artists   ギャラリー 楸(ひさぎ)

 9;Sweet&Sour Jam       那須コピスガーデン

 10;Step by Step         アートショップ向井

 11;The Wind of Southen Europe ジェラート ロッシ

 12;Chez CODERA         **フランス料理 CODERA ←クリック

                                                                     ** 現在は千葉県勝浦で営業なさっています。




ocarinanono is the Ave Maria of Caccini which arranged.

Ocarina is a solo. Please listen to the tone of the moist and classical ocarina.



Please try to please listen to the healing the classical tone of ocarinanono!



1;Humming 88

2;The Lólmo Time

 -classic version-  150

3;The Heart Warming Time 145

4;For Dearest  172

5;The Carillon  151

6;Joli Pierrot    138 

7;Close to me

   -ocarina version- 152

8;The Pierrot          157       

9;Chez CODERA      135             

10;The Reverence   100


**An intention and scenery of

     the composition

appear in a composition order -

 nono's composition stories.




The label surface, and the appearance of the pet and restaurants drew ocarinanono Some jackets have been painted in acrylic painting.

 version CD collecting
Ocarina and others, the keyboard original

piece of music are included, too.   

1:   The clear heart  70 **

2:   Don't be alone!  48

3:   Please smile!     39

4:   With you           131

5:   The Heroes        67

6:   Catch The Dream!  97

7:   Close to me           152

        -Music Box version- 

8:   The LÓLMO Time     150

9:   Heart Warming Time  145

10:  Close to me  

   -church version-   152

 **An intention and scenery of

the composition appear in a composition

order - nono's composition stories. 




Jacket picture image of each song is the original photo or acrylic painting.